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Art is not a thing; it is a way.

Edward Hubbard

Over the last three millennia, there has never been a time when art has been more important and appreciated.

The ancient, ubiquitous character of art, contrasts sharply with the erroneous belief that it is a luxury product of civilization: an insignia of social status. On the contrary, those involved in this market hold the conviction that arts are the epitome of human life. Art has proven itself to be the most versatile record of insight and emotion. Its creation and acquisition have unsurprisingly become a socioeconomic staple of society.

From the time of the Neanderthals, paintings and drawings have been used as a record of human history, clearly seen through the cave paintings of Cantabria, Spain; or the Chauvet paintings of France. Though artists themselves rarely benefit financially from the fruits of their labor, we as consumers are fortunate to indulge in the beauty it spreads around us. From walks to fairs,  what was once a tiny world of insiders is no longer confined to stuffy galleries and museums. Its aesthetic beauty is evident; more implicitly, however, art allows us to imagine the unimaginable, and connects us to our past, present, and future, at times concurrently, and across geographic distance. The creation and appreciation of art is, after all, universal across continents, cultures and classes, while simultaneously remaining intimately personal, and variable by taste.

International Art Exchange Contemporary Art Gallery specializes in major and emerging american contemporary artists: sculpture, painting, autographed blue chip prints and limited editions. Part of our catalog is available through our art rental department.


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