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International Art Exchange Miami is a leading independent and international art advisory firm. We operate at the highest echelons of the art market, and provide our clients with specialized services and personalized acquisitions. Furthermore, our clients benefit from entry level, discreet, expert and exclusive advice, covering all aspects of the art collection process: from auction representation and acquisition, to collection management and divestment.

Most importantly, we share our clients’ passion and appreciation for art, and ensure that you are advised in a professional manner, with the utmost integrity and discretion.

What sets International Art Exchange apart as an Art Advisory Firm


IAE is not bound to, or by, any specific art dealer, auction house or gallery. We solely represent our client’s best interests in the market, providing a personalized, independent and impartial service.


As the center of such an extensive network, IAE has the wherewithal to access the world’s finest art. We specialize in contemporary blue chip art across secondary markets, and have garnered unfettered access to works of art outside the public domain.

International Network

IAE maintains a solid international presence, offering clients access to multilingual art advisors across the globe.

Research Capabilities

Our core principle of rigorous due diligence ensures that our clients are confident in their choices when buying and selling in the market place.

Our Culture

We firmly believe that the opportunity to invest in fine art should be available to everyone!


What People Say ?

“The two greatest stores of wealth internationally today is contemporary Art. And a real estate in New-York, London and Vancouver” Larry Fink CEO of Blackrock

Sara Wilams