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Tired Of Looking At Empty Walls?

The concept isn’t new; galleries and museums around the world have long had art rental programs. Internet provide better conduit between artists and potential clients. In the process it has changing how and when people buy art.

Why rent art from International Art Exchange?

Renting art is a tax effective approach to acquiring artwork and allows you access to works that you may have previously considered unattainable.

Art rentals enhances work areas into more creative and stimulating places while providing a focal point of conversation for new clients or visitors to your environment.

International Art Exchange offers client greater flexibility and diversity in their choice of artwork without having to commit to a permanent purchase. With hundreds of artworks available to rent, International Art Exchange’s rental agreements are flexible and can be tailored from one months to five years at highly competitive rates.

How to Rent Art

Contact International Art Exchange to request an appointment, where one of our experienced consultants will discuss with you, your environment, atmosphere, corporate image and budget while offering guidance and advice on the International Art Exchange portfolio. Select from a diverse range of media and genres by emerging and leading American artists.

Delivery and Installation

International Art Exchange will provide a free consultation and discuss with you where best to hang the artwork. The installation will be well organized and non-disruptive to staff or tenants done in a completely professional manner.


All artwork owned by International Art Exchange renters needs to be insured for the time period that it is in your possession. Simply add it to your existing contents insurance or we can arrange this on your behalf.  A copy of the certificate of currency is required as part of the rental agreement.

Rotation of Artwork

International Art Exchange will happily rotate artwork on a yearly or half yearly basis. Prior to the end of your rental agreement, you will be contacted by International Art Exchange to discuss your next art rental display, giving you the option to continue your current agreement or rotate your portfolio.

International Art Exchange prides itself on its professional approach to the selection, installation and care of its catalogue of fine art and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements. We have a large selection in many different genres to fit your taste.

Example of International Art Exchange´s pieces available with our art rental program, exhibition and participation

Richard Hambleton artwork for art rental


Do you need to spice up your home for an upcoming event? Are you one of the thousands of renters that need art, but know you may move soon? Maybe you are new to collecting art and want to take it nice and slow. Whatever your reasons for renting artwork we are sure to have something to speak to you, your style, and your surroundings all for a fraction of the cost of purchasing. The best part is if you decide to commit, you can apply half of your art rental fees towards the purchase of that particular piece.

Pairing local fine art with fine food is a great way to compliment your guests dining experience. For years Hang Art artwork has graced the walls of restaurants and private dining rooms. You can even change your artwork seasonally with your menu.

Fine art creates a welcoming environment for visitors, stimulates conversation among colleagues, and helps reinforce your professional identity and corporate culture. Whether your office is big or small, adding and rotating artwork is an easy way to transform a stale office into a lively workplace. Renting artwork from our local artists is also a great way to demonstrate support and commitment to the local community. You may even be able to treat the cost of renting artwork as an operating expense, which then, reduces taxes.

Selecting artwork, arranging delivery and installation, and sorting out payment schedules is time consuming and usually near the bottom of a long list of priorities for busy professionals. Picking art, however, should be fun and stress free; this is where our art consultants come in. Armed with digital cameras, tape measurers and a keen eye, a consultant will meet with you to tour your offices and then prepare a customized portfolio that will match your brand identity and budget. You can view this portfolio at Hang Art or online. At your request, our consultants can facilitate delivery and installation and work with you in an on-going manner to rotate your collection on a regular basis.
*additional fees apply

From high-end residential staging to national print campaigns and major motion pictures, the unique artwork of Hang Art is a favorite of designers and stagers looking to add an elegant and sophisticated polish to their project. At Hang Art we have a long history of working with industry professionals and are sympathetic to their unique demands. Our knowledgeable art consultants, wide selection, and flexible hours, will help you impress your clients and complete your project on time and budget.

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