Legendary graffiti artist Futura teamed up with Converse

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Converse and famed graffiti artist Futura, have joined forces for the first collaboration featuring the new Chuck II. This collection takes Chuck II’s technological advances a step further by adding a weatherized rubber upper adorned with the artist’s original artwork. They also come with a second set of Lunlarlon foot-beds enhanced with Futura’s artwork.

Artist Futura between street art, painting and design

New York-based artist Futura  (the artist was formerly know as Futura 2000) has seen it all, starting off street art on the city subways back in the ’70s with the likes of ALI and QUICK, and then meeting with Keith Haring, Richard Hambleton and Jean Michel Basquiat a decade later. Futura has truly seen street art evolve and contributed to have it showcased in museum

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