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Jeff Koons

From hard core porn to Balloons, with passion and talent.

Some would say there is a Mr Jeckyll and a Mr Hyde in Koons. Other would consider that there is the Official Koons and the unofficial Koons. Before he sells his art millions, Koons had this in common with Dali, that he loved passionately his wife, the porn star Ilona Staller, the Cicciolina. When Dali did it very religiously converting himself to any religion possible, to mary Gala one more time, Koons did celebrate his love with very hard and explicite “art content”. He finally had to destruct part of his artwork, the most pornographic part… when he separated from his wife.

Sexe is not the only thing that Koons has in mind and his balloon style representing dogs, rabbits, eggs, hearts… has found a place in the heart of a large public. These monumental sculptures are designed and processed by computers and 130 people in the studios of the artist.

“One second I’m a Koons, then suddenly the Koons is me”. Lady Gaga

A part from animals and himself with the Cicciolina, the only human représentations in his artwork are Mickael Jackson and Lady Gaga. Well, and Popeye… Jeff Koons is among the most expensive living artists. His Balloon Dog (Orange) was sold for $58.4 million at Christie’s NY, an auction record for a living artist at this time. Balloon Monkey (Orange 2006–13) was sold $25.9 million. Ten years ago, a piece from Koons was sold around $2 million.

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Jeff Koons ballon dog

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