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Who is Banksy?

Despite a few rumors about arrests, Banksy remained an artist with no face. Only a few people know who he is, among whom probably his bank account manager and a few authorirezd tax officers if we consider that the artist has been making a bit of money ultimately! Keep it Spotless has been sold $1,700,000 hammer price (highest estimate $350,000)… Anyway, the Legend was born from Bristol underground scene and is still safe: the stake was high for journalists and the rewards too tempting. After long inquiries, Banksy is now believed to be Robin Gunningham. This has not officially confirmed.

Activist, street artist, filmmaker with Exit Through the Gift Shop, Banksy delivers messages. Generally in a very sacharstic and not politically correct way. Like other street artists who have managed to get primarily recognition on the walls of the major cities worlwide, Banksy has then moved from graffiti to paint on canvas, conceptual sculpture and film.

“Banksy paints over the line between aesthetics and language, then stealthily repaints it in the unlikeliest of places. His works, whether he stencils them on the streets, sells them in exhibitions or hangs them in museums on the sly, are filled with wit and metaphors that transcend language barriers.” Shepard Fairey for Time

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