Only recently has investing in art been viewed through the lens of the modern portfolio theory and considered a potential alternative investment in a portfolio of assets, particularly since it has long been viewed as a luxury reserved for the rich, and the very rich. Though research continues to shed more light on what has historically been an opaque market, studies show that art can offer long-term return potentials, uncorrelated with other asset classes.

First of all, it’s important to state that art is more than just a simple asset class. It is impossible to reduce beauty to a simple transaction. There is more than just a financial reason that pushes people to buy art.

The beauty and uniqueness of art as an asset class is that it gives individuals the opportunity to gain pleasure and excitement from its ownership, while simultaneously financially enriching the proprietor, in three distinct ways:

1.      The first beauty of art is the obvious one of emotional appeal obtained from the visual image of the object;

2.      The second beauty of art is the enjoyment and desire most individuals obtain from the process of its acquisition. This includes, but is not limited to: knowledge acquisition, socialization with like-minded collectors and experts, thrill of the chase, meeting and connecting with the artist, etc.;

3.      The third beauty of art is its longevity and financial performance.

With all of that said, however, there is a huge element of the art world that is related to business.

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“The two greatest stores of wealth internationally today is contemporary Art. And a real estate in New-York, London and Vancouver” Larry Fink CEO of Blackrock

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